Traditionally, our ancestors prepared foods with survival in mind.  They ate with the seasons, wasted nothing, had periods of fasting and had ways of preparing and preserving their foods that not only kept them fed through the winter but also fortified their bodies as the seasons called for it.  Culturing foods used to be the standard preservation method before the industrial revolution. I love the unique flavors that emerge from such a simple process. Fermenting not only removes much of the toxins that plants try to throw at us but also loads them with probiotics! You always end up with less bitterness and more bite. I think that duo is wonderful and the added probiotics is something in which we can all benefit. You will find a lot of fermenting recipes here, as well as nourishing traditional style foods and a bit of nose to tail eating.  My health journey has taken me from farm food, to indigenous foods of Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Cambodia, Scotland and Europe… to vegan and vegetarian, pescatarian to carnivore and back to an autoimmune protocol style paleo which has animal based principles and focuses on the plants that are the least toxic.  My aim, always, is the health of my gut and keeping my adrenals happy.  I hope you will find what your soul needs here, as it is the exploration of mine.