Amazon Picks

In light of not having my own Amazon shop, I am posting here all the equipment, personal care items, groceries, supplements and pretty much all of my basic Amazon staples. Note on this: I DESTROY EQUIPMENT. I am hard on EVERYTHING. So if it survives me, it will survive you, your children and maybe even a small army or husband. On that note, my husband fixes everything and has banned me from buying kitchen items that will not stand the test of time. Everything new I purchase is either industrial or small restaurant grade (but even those latter items sometimes break so I always go for the big guns whenever I can.). That being said, I usually save all my Christmas and Birthday money for kitchen equipment so I may add at a later point some more normal household use items for reasonable folks. My picks below… don’t judge. 😉


Note on the immersion blenders.  I have the $100 one and made short work of it but it would be great for home kitchens.  I just function like a restaurant so next time I’m going to get the big stick.