Beauty: Counter to the Industry

I am excited to announce that I have joined the health and beauty counterculture and will now have Beautycounter available in my shop. I believe in this company and the progress they are making in health education and am proud to be an advocate. I feel as a company it is countercultural to what we have accepted here in the US as safe and is advocating for positive change. Feel free to read on or to visit my consultant page through the link below.

Safer Living & Skincare for our body’s largest organ.

What we put on our skin, our hair and have in our personal atmosphere is just as important as what we put inside our bodies… and I would dare say more important. Our skin is our largest organ and does not have the benefit of a liver to filter what goes onto it… and straight into our bloodstream. This is why essential oils can be so helpful, but also why toxins in our day to day products can wreak such havoc on our health.

In purging my life of toxins during an environmental liver detox, I found I felt more energetic after about a week. I didn’t want to go back to my actually quite good quality makeup and skin care, shampoo and conditioner, soaps, etc because I felt different and better without them. I was already using safe and natural products on my children and in my home cleaning regimen but had yet to let go of a shampoo that contained soy (a hormone disruptor) as well as take a break from computers, my apple watch (which is typically on airplane mode) and generally phones and social media. I had thought my beauty regimen was safe, and in the grand scheme of things it was… fairly so. But when comparing my products on the Environmental Working Group’s website to their EWG approved products, I knew I needed better for healing from Hashimotos. Our skin protects us… but what protects it? To get the run down on what you put on your skin currently, visit the Skin Deep Database.

After much research and an approving recommendation from Dr. Izabella Wentz, I found Beautycounter. What attracted me at first was that it seemed the quality and subtle brand amongst natural and safe skincare lines. There were no caked on makeup photos or videos. I loved that I was seeing women in their beauty exposed right along with what much of society would refer to as “imperfections” but what I would refer to as our unique features.

The more I learned about the company and their policies the more I felt they were trustworthy and forthright. Their honest disclosure of ingredients and even the way they source them (such as talc from European sources that test clear of asbestos and contaminants) and responsibly sourced mica, show that they are research heavy and unafraid to challenge what is deemed acceptable. In short, I was won first by their ethos and image, but brought in for keeps by the sheer effectiveness and quality of the products themselves. I have incredibly sensitive skin and avoided all creams and makeups for years because they simply burned my skin. When organic SPF skin cream was first hitting the markets I was happy to smell like a douglas fir tree to know that my skin was safe. I only started wearing makeup coming into my thirties as products for truly sensitive skin emerged. But even the good products I used contributed to bringing my health down. With this brand, I can truly be unconcerned with it’s affect on my health and can simply enjoy it. So I’m excited to share it with you! Feel free to ask any questions and visit my personal sales page to view beautycounter’s safer skincare.

Welcome to the counterculture.