CodeAge Supplement Review!

CodeAge Supplement Review!



As someone who uses a decent amount of supplements because of my MTHFR mutation (amongst others) and is trying to naturally clean my body of parasites, I feel I have a pretty good idea of the quality once I’ve been using them for a while.  If you don’t know what MTHFR is, the mutation is a problem associated with poor methylation and enzyme production. It affects every person differently, sometimes hardly affecting a person, while in others it can lead to serious, long-term health problems.

I have tried quite a lot of brands and there are a few that stick out to me outside of the obvious clinical grade brands like Douglas Laboratories, Thorne and Rootcology.  Allergy Research group seems to be quite good as well as Life Extension, but for the sake of this post I am going to review one of my favorite affordable and quality brands; CodeAge.  I also use Plexus, am an ambassador for them and love their effectiveness and microbiome focused formulations, but I like that Code Age is high quality and cleverly formulated as well so I incorporate them into my daily regimen as well as recommend them to friends as part of gut cleansing protocols and such.

Now… I have to say… I told the folks over at Code Age I would write a review for them quite a while back, before the West Coast Wildfires, because I have really appreciated the quality of their formulations and their use of shelf stable S. Boulardii, which is a key part of my Autoimmune supplement regimen.  Auggie over at Code Age checked in on me while my head was swimming from the smoke inhalation… which was not fun.  I shared that I had not been able to get to the post between starting homeschool and feeling like a hot mess, so he sent me a bottle of one of their new immunity products.  I was really touched. Needless to say I am just getting around to keeping my promise!  So here is a breakdown of the products I have used for myself and my family.

Platinum Collagen Peptides: I have really taken to this collagen.  I go back and forth between it and the Plexus Collagen.  The Code Age one is affordable, and as hair loss is an issue for me (and seemingly for many people post Covid-19 infection and recovery) a collagen formulated for hair health is now a necessary part of my regimen.  I froth it together with my favorite MCT oil powder and have them with my espresso in the morning instead of dairy, which I cannot have. It doesn’t froth quite as well as the Plexus one or as well as Vital Proteins but the benefits and price make up for it. It is great for hair, skin and nails and I have noticed my hair loss has stopped and my nails have become stronger with both brands.  At some point I will do a more in depth comparison, as I alternate them. (One month on CodeAge, one month on Plexus).  The Code Age one does not have vitamin C added, which is a benefit for some who react to certain forms of C, whereas the Plexus version has it.  Keratin & Biotin are great for hair health and it delivers as promised.

  • 5 types of collagen (type I, II, III, V & X) from 5 different premium sources
  • 10,000 mcg biotin
  • 500 mg of hydrolyzed keratin
  • Vitamin B6 & vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Copper, niacin, and zinc
  • 18 amino acids
  • Grass fed and pasture raised bovine collagen, wild-caught marine collagen from white fish, and organic bone broth collagen
  • Non-GMO, dairy, soy, gluten, shellfish and oil free

Mimosa Pudica: This is a great blend for cleansing the gut and includes Black Walnut, Cloves, BioPerine, Chanca Piedra and Wormwood.  All of which are essential parts of a gut cleanse and help ward off parasitic organisms.  Mimosa pudica is known for being a sticky herb that grabs all sorts of parasites and in combination with a flushing protocol can help get these awful critters out of your system.  It can also help with general intestinal health.  Their Amen version is good as well if you want mimosa pudica as a standalone.

Gut Health Formula: Code Age’s gut health formula is one I have used for my husband and myself to lessen some of the effects of gut permeability, which for me has contributed to my autoimmune disease and for him seems to have an affect on his asthma, migraines and animal allergies.  I managed to get him to take to for a month before he stopped taking supplements and in that time saw improvements.  For myself, L-Glutamine, marshmallow root and licorice are all important parts of my gut cleanse and maintenance protocol and with the addition of some really good anti-inflammatory nootropic mushrooms and soil based organisms including, S. Boulardii, to repopulate the gut, this is a very clever and helpful formulation.

Forskolin Turmeric: This blend contains Forskolin, Turmeric & Black Pepper all of which all have anti-inflammatory properties.  I had to rotate turmeric out for a while because I developed a rare allergy to Ginger, which is in the same family, but I have since reintroduced it and it is helpful both for inflammation and for the cold season.

Clearhead Formula: Okay… first of all, thank you to Code Age for sending me these!  I was really impressed with how well formulated this is and from day one I have seen a difference in my health and energy.  It has the standard key immunity factors: Vitamin C, D3, Zinc and Selenium (all of which I need for thyroid health as well) as well as a blend of Echinacea, ginseng, garlic, oregano and Andrographis paniculata (green chiretta).  It also has a blend of adaptogens and probiotics.  Needless to say, if I feel the sniffles coming on I take these and it seems to nip it in the bud.

Binder + Full Spectrum: I use their binder as part of my gut cleanse protocol as it has not just activated charcoal and zeolite clay but humic and fulvic acid as well as greens for cleansing the liver.  I don’t always remember this, but if I’m experiencing uncomfortable die off symptoms like nausea, it really helps.

SBO Probiotic 100 Billion CFU: I have used this as well as their AMEN probiotic.  I always look for S. Boulardii in probiotics because it is a very strong soil based organism and is known to be harmful toward bad bacteria.  Enough of this in my system will keep athlete’s foot away, and as my DNA is not conducive to maintaining good gut bacteria, I need the boost.  I have since switched over to the Plexus probiotics but this one is still noteworthy as it is a whole gut health formulation and is shelf stable.

So far I have been extremely impressed.  I initially found this company when I was refining my gut cleanse but they have very well formulated fermented vitamins and Soil Based Probiotics at a very reasonable price tag.  I have also used their Marine Collagen Peptides, which are competitively priced to even Costco. They are great in smoothies but not necessarily in coffee.  If you have an allergy to beef though… or a problem with using mammal products, it is a great option.  I do have a coupon code for referrals, “CULTUREDBITE” named after my former blog.  Feel free to use it and share your review!

What Code Age products have you used?

Happy Autumn and cheers to staying healthy and sane!

Brenna xo

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