A Healthy Start to 2021

A Healthy Start to 2021

Despite the fiasco of 2020 rolling into 2021, I am determined to move forward in health, with my head down, hands out to God and placing one foot in front of the other.

Life will always give us ups and downs but we are the author of our choices in every circumstance and I choose to give myself and my family the best shot.  Some of you may have seen that I have taken up not one more but two more small businesses as spokes to my Health & Wellness wheel.  Despite 2021 feeling like a toss up at the moment I personally feel peaceful and prepared to do what it takes to thrive.  I am currently hunting for a new devotional… (ideas anyone?) and have started on a new supplement regimen with Q Sciences and doTERRA.  I made these switches because I found the products far superior to what I was using previously. Q Sciences uses nanotechnology to create supplements that can be absorbed by anyone.  They contain fully methylated B vitamins, and each individual vitamin and mineral is nanoparticle size, chelated and bound to an amino acid for the greatest level of absorption. I have double MTHFR gene mutation amongst quite a few others and I have been so pleased to realize that the personal experience supports the science.

It is one thing to take supplements, but it is quite another to take ones that actually work and make you feel better.  Clean food, clean products are all important but knowing that an apple now contains an eighth of the nutritional content that it did a hundred years ago makes one think.  We just don’t get what we need from our food sources unless we are growing everything ourselves and using heritage seeds, have soil rich in minerals and are drinking clean well water.  So supplementation has become vital to long term health.

I highly recommend picking up the Q Core (3 products: Q Max Premium, Q Biotics, Q Align) to start your year or the Q Max Premium, which has been the subject of about $25,000,000 in third party clinical case studies.  I have been using the Q Kids Core for my children and have managed to cut homeschooling time in half since implementing it.  My kids are more focused, less anxious and have been enjoying getting through their schoolwork quickly.  Steve has been using the complete Q Core while I have been using the multi, Q Max, and the Q Biotic.  Unfortunately, I am allergic to ginger, which is in the anti-inflammatory Q Align.  I have been using the Hemp Tincture, Q Fuse, and have found it to be one of the most effective non-psychoactive hemp formulas I have ever used.  It is water soluble and absorbs up to 85% rather than the industry standard, which is 6%.  If you can manage it, Q has a great deal which is the Q Core + 2oz size Q Fuse Hemp Tincture for $200.  These products are $135 & $150, respectively, so that is a pretty huge savings.  They also have a range of nanoparticle sublingual sprays to cover Sleep, Metabolism, Pain Relief, D3 & B12 supplementation as well as a lovely nootropic chai of which I cannot get enough.  I cannot emphasize enough how much these have worked beyond my expectations.

Steve and I have also started a workout regimen together for the first time in our marriage.  We are using the My Q Fit App and it has been really fun… although being woken up at 6 to workout has taken some adjusting!!!  It’s nice that he is leading it though and I am enjoying this new leaf in our marriage.

I have updated my CLEAN LIFE page and will continue to do so as I learn new things or realize that I have forgotten something important!  Have a look there for a walk through switching to clean, non-toxic and safer products.

I have been taking a little time each morning to pray and a little time each afternoon when homeschool is done to breathe and enjoy a cup of clean decaf or an adaptogen brew to focus my mind before tackling what is ahead.  I hope to keep up the practice.  What do you do to center yourself?

So that’s it!  Just a short post and an announcement.  Please send me a message if you have any questions or would like chat health goals for 2021!  I would love to help!

Brenna xo







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