Clean Swap: Laundry

Clean Swap: Laundry

One of the major things I made a swap for in my home years ago was laundry detergent. 🧺 I didn’t think about conventional detergents until I researched & found out how toxic those products were for my family and the environment. I switched to Ecos, which was great for Steve and me… but once I had kids the hunt for a detergent that could tackle the smells began in earnest. 🥴

I’ve tried many brands and washed hot, added baking soda, vinegar, washed 3 times to get rid of the stank that kids fleece pajamas seem to hold onto. 🤢 Well, I found an answer. I have never had a detergent that could do so much with so little!! No more smells and no more shrinking the clothes… and it just takes a tablespoon of On Guard Detergent. 

When I buy my everyday laundry supplies from dōTERRA I also get a % back on my purchase & FREE shipping! It’s a win win; clean products & perks! I’ll take it.

🔸Safe, natural ingredients and powerful essential oils, OnGuard Laundry Detergent is a non-toxic solution for lifting stains and giving clothes a lovely, clean scent. The blend includes oils like Wild Orange, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and more that are perfect for natural cleansing. Each detergent bottle includes a full 10mL bottle of the powerful OnGuard blend.

🔸Free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, and toxins.

🔸Works on a variety of washable fabrics, at all temperatures, is color safe and lasts up to 64 loads. Whether you have a messy toddler, teenagers who constantly produce dirty socks, a husband whose work day can fill a basket, the doTERRA On Guard Laundry Detergent can tackle it. 

🔸Lifts stains and dirt, without losing the powerful aroma of OnGuard. It doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients or fillers, so you can enjoy the aroma of essential oils as they are not covered up by chemicals or toxins.

🔸Safe for conventional & HE washers. Have you made the swap yet? Tag someone who could use this!

Want to get started with oils? Send me a message to find out what you can get this month for joining my team.


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