Autoimmune Health During Covid.

Autoimmune Health During Covid.

I have been compiling a list of late… I have had so many friends and acquaintances reach out to me in the past couple months to ask what I am doing to resist Coronavirus and stay healthy.  In all honesty, MOST of what I do as my normal regimen already aligned with what people are saying to do to keep the virus at bay.  So I was prepared.  I still don’t fancy contracting the thing… so I am following all the rules:

  1. Washing my hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before rinsing to make sure that the reaction between the soap, water and oil on my hands has completed itself.
  2. Using hand sanitizer when I do have to go out for groceries.  Recipe below.  I also spray down every item before it goes into my bag.  
  3. Wear a mask in public.
  4. I spray down ALL packages at the door with sanitizer before I bring them inside.  I then open them and spray down all the contents.  Then I wash my hands for 20 seconds before rinsing.
  5. When I come in from a trip, I spray down my shoes and leave them outside, then I put all my clothes in the washing machine and have a shower. (I usually go out after a workout while I am scuzzy.)

As for keeping my immune system in good health (without triggering more autoimmune response) as well as picking up a few things in case we DO contract Corona, read on.  I also have an immune compromised daughter with viral induced asthma, so the first thing I did was refill all her inhaler and nebulizer prescriptions.  I am also keeping bacteria locked in more securely with Norwex and E-cloths.  And of course, of course, of course… I am keeping ALL my family’s toxin burden LOW by using EWG verified products.  I am a Beautycounter consultant because I believe the company both has the best and safest products available and because I ABSOLUTELY stand behind their ethos, methods and RIGID safety standards.  They are the leader in the clean beauty industry for a reason and are concerned with all aspects of the business, from recycling to human rights and safety. If you would like to chat more about it please contact me here. All of these as well as all my safe swaps are available in my shop.

All this being said, I am NOT a doctor. I am a nutrition geek with an autoimmune disease so this is what I do for myself… THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.

After seeing an email from a naturopathic doctor to a friend, I picked up some Occillicoccinum, which is a natural flu remedy. (Market of Choice, Natural Grocers and Amazon will have it) but other than that, everything else I recommend was already in my pantry. I already had Elderberry concentrated liquid so we did not spring for Sambucus but it is more concentrated than elderberry. Other naturopathic substances that are showing to help resist Covid 19 are Zinc (not over 30mg so you don’t throw out your copper) and quinine as in tonic water— but be sure that it has no sugar. Even a teaspoon can stall your immune system for an hour. I have been taking S. Boulardii for my autoimmune disease and give it to my family but I have upped my dose and theirs. S. Boulardii can be found in several probiotics as well as sold by itself. Rootcology has a pure strain as do several other brands. I give my family the Code Age Gut Health Formula, My Allstar Nutrition Bio Heal Powder, Probulin. Florastor contains S. Boulardii as well and AMEN and Code Age brands both have SBO Probiotic Blends on Amazon. Also eat/take LOTS of garlic. If you are taking black garlic and are in keto limit yourself to one per day as they are high in sugar but are 100 x immune boosting as standard garlic. I also take oil of oregano for my immune system and had stopped but I am taking it again. Selenium is another important one: 200mg daily.

The other thing I have started doing is a mimic intermittent fast with MCT oil powder in my coffee. Fasting puts your body into autophagy (self-healing). I can’t intermittent fast because of Hashimoto’s/Adrenal Fatigue without falling apart but MCT supports the liver directly so I have found I stay healthier when I open my eating window at midday with my bone broth and green smoothie but up to that point I drink Swiss water decaf organic coffee with MCT oil powder frothed up like a latte. MCT also contains the Lauric acid Monolaurin, which significantly boosts the immune system. If your body can’t deal with the fats in MCT I would just take monolaurin.

I will share links for S. Boulardii containing probiotics as well as the other supplements at the bottom.

If you have a sore throat and congestion drink HOT liquids every twenty minutes to keep your airway open. Many of the people who have died from this have because their airways were blocked with mucus. If you or a loved one is running a temperature the following method is effective to bring it down and will basically infuse Garlic/allicin into all your cells in about 20 minutes. I learned it from a homeschooling mom of 9 and I can attest that it is effective. See below:

Garlic compress:

  • Mince/chop 3 whole heads of FRESH garlic to release allicin.
  • Place each pile of minced garlic in a paper towel “packet” folded up.
  • Place one on the bottom of each foot and put a sock over it.
  • Move the third packet around the chest and back for 20 minutes to prevent burning the skin and to get the allicin into more pores/area.

I have been spraying packages at the door before I bring them inside, as well as any groceries I bring home. I mixed my own Hand Sanitizer/disinfectant with 190 proof alcohol (I have done some with lab grade ethyl alcohol as well). Recipe as follows:

Home Made Hand Sanitizer Gel or Spray:

  • 1/3 cup 190 proof/Everclear or 99% Lab grade ethanol
  • 1/8 cup aloe vera, liquid coconut oil or distilled water
  • 43-45 drops essential oils like Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer (Kid safe), thieves oil blend, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, lavender etc all have disinfectant properties.

I would highly recommend getting yourself into Ketosis or start intermittent fasting to boost your immune system as well as boosting up your system with supergreens and nootropic mushrooms. My green smoothie recipe can be found here.

Homeopathy worked during the Spanish Flu with a 1% death rate compared to a 28% rate in allopathic medicine. It is effective medicine in epidemics. Otherwise autopsies done on the victims of these epidemics showed severe nutritional deficiencies. So stay healthy, eat healthy and get outside and get that vitamin D as you are able.

Much love,
Brenna 💕

P.S. you do generally get what you pay for but I have listed a few brands that I have used.  When you can’t afford much something is better than nothing though! 

Links below:

My kids Methylated Gummies for better absorption (No Sugar):

Smarty Pants Vitamin Gummies

Mary Ruth’s Sugar Free Vitamin D3 + B12 Gummies

EZ Melts Chewable Zinc 30mg (blueberry)

Saccharomyces Boulardii Suplements:

Plexus Vitalbiome & Probio5 (the ProBio5 also helps break down and flush out bad bacteria and is available in this gut reset pack) Both are available in this wellness & immunity pack.and this total gut reset pack. The latter is lower count version of the pack I am now using as an ambassador.  (It is certainly cheaper to subscribe that way so message for assistance if you need it.)*

My Allstar Nutrition BioHeal S. Boulardii Probiotic
Code Age SBO Probiotic 100 Billion CFU
Code Age SBO Probiotic 50 Billion CFU
Code Age Gut Health Formula
Code Age Women’s Probiotic (no ginger or turmeric which I’m allergic to)
AMEN SBO Probiotic
NexaBiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic
Florastor Daily Probiotic
NOW Saccharomyces Boulardii 5 Billion CFU
Essential Stacks S. Boulardii

Homeopathic Supplements:

Gaia Oil of Oregano 120 caps  and 60 capsules


Now liquid elderberry

Best Naturals Oil of Oregano

Oscillococcinum: 30 count  12 count  6 count 

Zinc 30mg

Garlic Oil

Black Garlic

MCT Oil Powder


Monolaurin (Lauric acid in MCT): Here  and Here  and Here

Plant Therapy Essential Oils ($10 off)

Edens Garden Essential Oils


*Updated 9/3/20 to include Plexus probiotics.  I have seen a major boost in my health since incorporating these.





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