Potent Cold Brew

Potent Cold Brew

Allow me to introduce the best method of cold brew I’ve found.  I’ve tried nut milk bags in jars, the Kilner system, the Ball system and French press system (that one is still a favorite). Now… this contraption pictured is not a Toddy, but if I were to buy it all again I would go for the glass system.  That and I’m fairly certain this one does not exist anymore.  For those of you who are concerned, It does sit in plastic, but cold and only for 12 hours before being stored. This produces the smoothest and strongest cold brew I’ve had. It’s great for infusing kefir drinks or cutting with water and a bit of coconut milk or cream.  Make sure to use a high quality or organic coffee and if you are going to go the decaf route, make sure it is Co2 or Swiss water processed.




Best Cold Brew Ever (Toddy)

Brenna May
This is the smoothest, easiest and strongest cold brew method I've found. It's great for infusing kefir drinks or cutting with water and a bit of coconut milk or cream.
Prep Time 5 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American


  • Toddy cold brew system or the like
  • muslin nut milk bags (instead of bleached filters)


  • 1 lb Organic coffee or Swiss water organic decaf coffee
  • water


  • Place the filter and the plug into the base of the plastic container. Make sure the plug is tight.
  • Set the nut milk bag inside the container and wrap it over the sides.
  • Add 1 pound of coffee, set the ring in and then pull the fabric from the outside and gently set inside the container, leaving the center open.
  • Fill the top with water to the line and then set over the container.
  • Leave for 12 hours to brew.
  • Pull the plug and strain into the glass serving carafe to store for up to two weeks.
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