Homeschooling and STEM

Homeschooling and STEM

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I last posted.  My recipe maker has been on the fritz and so I am sorting that out… and I am several recipes behind until that is fixed!  Woot.  So fun.

With my autoimmune disease I go through long periods of really not being able to enjoy creative food at all.  For months all my body could handle was bone broth, mct oil, fish, avocados, lamb and preserved lemons. I was eating organ meats because I was so severely anemic.  That sucked.  Let me tell you.  That sucked.

I have been reincorporating vegetables slowly since the end of November and have found that the inflammatory reactions come back after a couple weeks.  So… that’s fun.  As you might rightly assume, that puts a damper on my fermenting creativity.  Since my energy started returning in January, I joined up with a company called Beautycounter because I both loved their ethos and their clean, safer products, which have helped reverse much of the signs of aging that have taken their toll on my face.  You can read more about that here.

In light of overt and covert racism coming to light in huge ways right now … I am also looking for things that I can focus on with my children… as a break from the other important education we are doing.  Also, I believe that educating in the sciences is an important part of leveling the playing field in our country.  You can read more about STEM enrichment programs for minorities here.

As you all know, once Coronavirus hit the US, we all had to start homeschooling.  I’ve been there before… when we moved back from Northern Ireland, my son Matt was in Primary 2 at the age of 6.  So… a 6 year old second grader.  Being the sweet, brilliant kid that he is, I did not want to put him in the second grade with 8 year olds, so I homeschooled him until we could find a place in a Classical School where he could be with his age mates and be appropriately challenged.  Our little school adapted wonderfully to the lockdown, putting out videos and teachings in a matter of about 2 weeks.  It was brilliant.  It was, however, a LOT of screen time.  Okay, so my point!  I am looking at ways to supplement and my son has been BEGGING me for about 2 1/2 years to enroll him in some sort of STEM program.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  For budgetary reasons, I haven’t been able to justify it on top of private school fees.  So I applied for the Kiwi Co. Affiliate Program, which is a subscription for STEM play kits that are fun, kinesthetic and help teach kiddos about STEM.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve been approved and will be getting our first kit soon!  If anyone is interested in our homeschool and classical school journey, please comment or message me.  I am very much considering making this a part of this blog journey.  Especially now that my recipes are fewer and farther between.  Not gone, though.

We are excited to incorporate this into our family fun over the summer and will let you know how it goes! My kiddos love reading and baking (and the chemistry involved) and are aspiring scientists so I’m hoping this makes our summer a bit more fun within the confines of careful social distancing. If you’re interested in getting a kit, click through this link or the one below and use the code “Share30” for 30% off. Cheers and here’s to a fantastic summer.

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